Letter to host family


Dear host family,

First of all I want to thank you for reading my letter. J

My name is Anahitand Iím at the age of 22. I was studying at European college in Armenia in the faculty of translation and clerical work. Now I am studying in the European university in the faculty international relations.

As I am studying in this facultyit will be very good opportunity for meto meet with new culture from inside.I am living with my mother in Gyumri, which is the second biggest city of Armenia.

Now I am a student and also working as a English teacher with kids. I really enjoy my job with them.

I have many hobbies, I like reading, listening to music, playing the guitar, spend time with children which i always dowith my cousins, walking, attend many organizations and events, different concerts and theatre, attending to gym, traveling and I am also interested in nail art.

There are several reasons why I want to become an Au Pair. The most important reason of course is that I like children. I love them, because they represent all the innocence which we lost growing up. I love seeing how they develop and learn new things every day.

I also like the idea spending a year in the Germany, getting to know a new culture, meeting new people and living in an German family as a new member. Furthermore, I want to improve my English skills, and German skills meet new people and Iím sure, one year far away from home will let me grow more as a person.

I can describe myself as a very friendly, cheerful, reliable and open-minded person. According to my friends I have a good sense of humor. I would be really excited to live with your family for one year and get the chance to make new experiences.


Best wishes, Anahit